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I'll see you in London.
The collection "Stories of Untold" is printed in magazines

« Stories of Untold » collection

London, UK

This collection is inspired by the tendencies from the past brought into modern life. Handmade products, wicker baskets, homemade bread, untreated stitches in products (Handmade) - all this we transfer to the hair and use it to create different textures.

These images are bold and independent symbols of simplicity, but they contain a huge work of the creator. The combination of simplicity and modern technologies, vintage, the so-called "grandmother's chest" adapted to a modern wardrobe - that's the actual direction in which modern fashion is developing, the main motto of which is "We create ourselves"

In makeup, we specifically used freckles, but only in modern reading.

In the tissues, the emphasis is on cotton, leather and especially suede, as well as pronounced multi-layered and perforated patterns. By this method, we return people to traditional values, which, unfortunately, are almost lost.

The motto of the collection is beyond naturalness in the London style!

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