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Exhibition "Moscow Longevity"

April 26-28 at the REC VDNKh in pavilion No. 69 was the exhibition "Moscow Longevity". Earlier the project had the name "Active Longevity", which later the citizens decided to rename themselves "Moscow Longevity"
At the exhibition there was presented a stand with our author's program "Live as an Art by Vinokurov" where every day there was a defile with a demonstration of clothes and complete images for modern pensioners.
At the stand our stylists on clothes, hairdresses and make-up gave advice on creating their own style. And each of the pensioners could learn to create their own style.
About 900 events were organized here:
In particular, there were master classes on computer literacy and social networks, classes in various types of design, painting, lessons in vocal art, dance, English, classes in physiotherapy.

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